Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Weigh In Day + Picture!

"I can tell you've lost weight."

These are the words I've been waiting for someone to say to me for a while. It's one thing for me to notice that I've lost some inches and weight off my body, but it's another to hear it from someone else. 

One of my closest friends has told me that he noticed I've lost weight, and I'm so happy about that. Besides my doctor and my scale, nobody else has said anything about it as of late. I'm glad that other people are noticing as well, especially since I'm able to fit into clothes that I haven't fit in to in over a year. While the pants are still in the 18-20 range, I'm okay with that. I'm feeling better and I know that soon I'll be down another pant size. It's just going to take time. 

I'm seeing results, and I'm not using excuses much like the graphic above dictates. I'm not going to be having excuses anymore, because I want to see RESULTS. So far, I am.

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