Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year! Weigh IN!

I realize that it's been quite a while since I have written in here and I'm sorry to say that. However it is a new year and it is definitely the year for the NEW me. I have turned a leaf and have actually done something I didn't think I could do for a long while. I finally got past that horrible 200 pound plateau I was at.

I weighed myself this morning and weighed in at 198 pounds. That's a great success for me seeing as in 2015 I could not get below 200 no matter what I was doing. I will admit I don't know if it is is because my mentality has changed or it is because I have made the choice to TRULY change, that I was able to do this.

My weight has become something I do want to continue to look at. I know it's just a "nuimber on the scale" but for me, it is THE number on the scale. I plan to see that number go down as much as it can and when it does, I shall celebrate. Even if I only lose one pound a week, that's one less pound of fat on my body holding me back.

My goal is one pound a week. I don't know how long it will take me to reach my goals but I'm ready to get one step closer with each step I take.

A friend of mine said it once and I'm keeping to this montra for the year...

"This will be your sexy 30s."

Cheers Friends.
Until next time.

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