Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Overdue Picture Post

Oh wow, I guess it's been quite some time since I've made a post, hasn't it? Today, I went through my clothes and got rid of a ton that don't fit me. Not to say that the clothes I'm getting rid of are all too big. Some of them are pieces I've held on to as hopes to fit in to again. While some might think, why get rid of clothes that you could fit in to soon, I have to let you in on a little secret. It makes me feel SAD to hold on to and see clothes in my closet I can't fit in to.

Why does it make me sad you ask yourself? Well, think of it this way; you are sitting at home getting ready to go out on the town and trying to find something to wear. You look in to your closet and all that you see are clothes you cannot fit in to. You've got nothing to wear, and the thing that would be PERFECT to wear for said outing, is too small. This means you have to rethink your entire choice and find something that does fit, or something that might be a little big on you because you have nothing else to wear.

This happens to me on almost a daily basis. I'm tired of it. I am tired of looking at the things I want to wear, and being sad because I can't fit in to them. Some things I did keep such as my flapper style dress, a retro dress that I love the pattern of, and of course a pair of green skinny jeans that are simply two inches to small, but will fit me more than likely within the next few months. Everything else, GONE.

I feel as if a weight has been lifted getting these clothes out of my closet and away from me. I feel like they are gone and I can let that dream go for now until they are indeed actualy obtainable. For all I know when I am a size 13/14, I may not even want to wear the clothes I had in the closet. I haven't worn that size since I was 15. I'll be 30 next year and it's time I revamped my wardrobe to be more me, once I figure out who that is in the new body.

Well, now that that little mini tangent is done, I suppose it is time for an actual PICTURE and WEIGHT update.

Here is a picture I took on Halloween weighing in at 212lbs.  The costume was a little tight on me, but that's okay. It's the most recent body shot I have.

So here's the new picture and new picture side by side.


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