Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Kick Butt Workout Mix: Part One

Sometimes we find ourselves in search of a perfect workout mix to give us a kick in the pants and get us going. Most times I use my favorite app for the computer and phone (on the go) +Spotify. It's my favorite app because I can pick the type of music I want to listen to, or put on my Starred list and listen to anything and everything I like.

I'm a very eclectic music listener, so I have a lot of songs and music styles and genres on my list. I tend to just randomize it and go with whatever plays, but this time, Spotify got it right with my Shuffled Playlist. Here are the songs it played and allowed me to get a 35 minute workout. This workout included stretching, dance aerobics, and stretching to cool down.

Crazy In Love - Beyonce 

Tootsie Roll

Jai ho!

Mr Saxobeat

Come and Get It

Aint No Other Man



Do you have any of these songs on your playlist? If not, what's your favorite workout song?


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