Monday, March 17, 2014


I'm now weighing in at 219, which is not that much different from before but I'm starting to feel better about myself. 

I'm slowly able to feel like I'm not going to die from exhaustion while walking to and from work. It seems I can lift the 3lb weights more then before as well.  I still have trouble walking up the stairs at work, but I'm sure that I can get there too with more practice.

It's all little things I'm trying to notice so I don't feel like nothing is changing and I'm not making any steps forward to my goals. I'm trying to keep up with my Runkeeper app when I walk so I can see the progress I'm making. Even if it's just that I'm walking every other day or dancing.  I have noticed I'm more active NOW then I was before. 

Speaking of walking, jogging and running. I've asked for the day off to do the Run or Dye 5k locally in Reno, Nevada. I'm really excited. I'm going to register within the next week or two and get my team together. Or do it myself if they won't. I WILL go to this event and do my first ever 5K. It's something I want to do, and need to do to get myself more motivated. After all, I'll be sprayed with paint and that just sounds freaking fun! If you too are interested check out the site linked above (I'll link again at the end of post) and see if there is one in your area. 

I'm ready for my life to progress and be something else besides how it has been. I'm ready to show myself off to the world and feel how I want to be seen.


Run Or Dye:

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