Monday, August 4, 2014

10 Year Reunion Baby!

This past Saturday I got together with old classmates and all I could think to myself was, damn I'm looking pretty good. At first when I was getting ready for the reunion I kept thinking, nah I don't want to wear that it shows my arms or nah I haven't shaved so forget those shorts. I went in something I felt cute in, and I thought I looked pretty thin. Perhaps it's because some of the women who were there were bigger than I and all wore comfortable and attractive clothing and APPEARED confident. Maybe I got the confidence that I felt radiating from them, too? Who knows, but it was great.

It's been 10 years since I saw some of these people, some less due to a funeral of a mutual friend. The truth is, it was really nice feeling beautiful and confident. Heck, I even flirted a little bit but shhh nobody needs to know that.

I want to feel how I did that every day, and I'm one more step closer to my goal of allowing myself to. Let's just say it made me feel more confident and have more desire to truly reach my weight loss goals this time around.

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