Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm Ready for the Gym!

I just got home from going to the local Wal-Mart and I found myself feeling a bit down about myself while I looking at the cute blouses and jeans. Why was I feeling down you ask? Well, I was trying to locate a peasant blouse or a long t-shirt to wear with a belt for a Hobbit costume for a friends birthday party. Needless to say even looking at those clothes I could feel my mood go down in the dumps. This happens to me a lot when I look at clothing and trying to find something to wear for an event, or even just to put some more clothes in my closet. Unfortunately, until I lose some body fat and create a more healthy body I don't think this feeling is going to go away.

So instead of feeling sorry for myself and wondering what in the world am I going to wear, I decided to skip the attire for now and get the costume jewlry and a head band instead. My headband is simply elegant and looks like what an elven would wear. I got a gold bracelet to wear along with it, and I figured I'd curl my hair and look nice. I was thinking of wearing a peasant top as I mentioned with some white leggings and gold sandals. It's a cheap sort of Hobbit costume, but I think it would look good. If for some reason the shirt I have doesn't fit right, I am going to buy a dark green or black XXL shirt in Men's and wear a big bulky belt with it and be an Elven-Hobbit half breed. For lack of better explanation.

This post isn't really about what I am going to wear to the Hobbit style party though. It's about my need to feel acceptable and look good in clothing. It's about that and strictly that. I've talked about going to the gym for a long time now and even for a while I was going to one last year. I couldn't afford it anymore so I stopped going. Once I stopped going I didn't keep up with my weight loss journey and I gave up. I simply just stopped caring and gave up on everything I wanted. Much like I said in this post here, I am often a quitter and I hate it.

So as of next week I am going to look into joining a local gym. Fitness for $10. It's a cheap affordable gym that is only a few miles away from where I am. I can take a bus there, work out for a couple hours, and come home. I could do it before work, or after work too. That's what I need.  I feel as if the other people being around me doing something good for themselves will help me to feel more empowerd to work out as well.

So wish me luck, I'm hoping I can get in next week and really get myself in to the lifestyle I really want.

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