Monday, December 29, 2014

Four Quick Snacks From Your Kitchen and Pantry

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Recently I've been looking up healthy alternatives for salty snacks because well, I tend to crave crunchy and salty. When this happens I usually look for crackers or a bag of chips, something not too great for me. Instead, I went online looking for different things to make with things I already have around the house.  As I had mentioned to +Christine Rice  on her health blog. I tend to forget I have the healthy items and they go bad.

The following are all simple recipes for things around the house, that will make a great snack, and not take too much preparation. As mentioned from the Chicken and Vegetable post, I like quick things that don't take a lot of prep time.

Carrot Chips

When craving potato chips with some salt, why not try this beautiful alternative using carrots. All that is needed are some carrots from around the house cut into chip like pieces. If you are not fond of the prep time for cutting carrots into these shapes, there are carrots at the grocery store that are cut in to the carrot chip shape already. They usually run a couple dollars for a pound bag. Once the carrots are cut, place in a bowl with olive oil and a seasoning of your choice. The recipe suggests sea salt, but substitutes such as brown sugar can make them sweeter, or using cayenne pepper can give them more of a kick.

Ham Pinwheels

These don't have to be exact to the recipe. For example I'm rather picky and for myself if I were in a rush I would simply use the tortilla half, spread the cream cheese on, place the deli meat and add some shredded cheese. Now if you like cucumbers, then by all means follow the recipe to the letter. :]

Apple Crisps

These sound absolutely amazing and quite simple to make. While sometimes sugar can be a bad thing, apple crisps can be a quick on the go snack that's healthy and easy to take on the go. I would make these myself for the times I am going to go out with friends or to run errands and was unsure I'd be able to eat out. This would also be a prime snack to make for children, to get them eating their fruits. Not to mention, these sounds absolutely delicious.

Pretzel Dippers

So in this recipe, I would tweak it and not use the chocolate or the M&Ms. I would take the pretzel sticks, dip them in the peanut butter, let them set and roll them in some dried cranberries or crushed nuts. I bet they would taste good with the chocolate a tiny bit, but I feel like the M&Ms would just be too much chocolate on them.

Over all these all are quick snacks that aren't too unhealthy for you and will give not only you but any children in the house the satisifying taste of their salt and sugar intake without a thousand calories or buying already packaged foods.

Would you be willing to try any of these recipes? Have any suggestions to improve or recipes to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Carrot chips sound so good! Now that I've kicked the potato chip munchies, the crunch and diversity of carrot chips will add that little pick-me-up during the afternoon. Great suggestions, Mary!