Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Buffalo Chicken Wraps For Lunch Anyone?

As part of my new years resolutions, I decided to try the whole wrap idea. It was a good way to consume less bread, and after I ate the most delicious pre-made wrap the other day, I had to have them more often. I wrote down what was in it, and purchased the same ingredients in order to make them at home on my own. Since they turned out so delicious I thought I would share my recipe with you. I apologize for the terrible picture, but my camera phone isn't the greatest.

Anyhoo, let me know if you wind up trying the recipe. Also please feel free to share in the comments any wrap recipes you may have come up with. I'd love to try it too!

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

What You'll Need

Chicken Breast Strips
(I used Foster Farms)

Wrap Tortillas (Any Flavor) 
(I used Flatout's Italian Herb)

Buffalo Sauce 
(I used Frank's Red Hot)

Lettuce and Desired Veggies


1) Spread desired amount of Frank's Red Hot sauce on tortilla. 
2) Place small layer or lettuce and veggies on tortilla
3) Spread layer of cheese
4) Spread layer of chicken
5) Repeat Steps 2-4 as Desired
6) Tuck ingredients in with edge of tortilla and roll inward until a wrap forms. 
Bon Appetite

Note: Tortilla can be substituted for lettuce.

Disclaimer: All of the above product references were made by myself to share what I used personally. I am not obligated by any company above to advertise for them. - Mary O'Malley of The O'Malley review.

Try this recipe from About a Mom! 


  1. I love having wraps for lunch! I would love to try this one, except my hot sauce preference is cholula! LOL :-)

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  2. That sounds SO good. I love buffalo chicken and we eat a lot of wraps in our house for sure.

  3. This is a great idea - I never would of thought of this! My hubby would love these!

  4. I love a little spice to my lunch! Frank's Red Hot is definitely one of my faves too

  5. Wraps are such a great way to eat healthy and get a lot of flavor at the same time. Thanks for this great recipe.

  6. I love making wraps, you can do so much with them and they can be good for you! I can't take the spicy but my hubby would love these!

  7. Yum I love having wraps at any chance I can.Thank you for sharing.

  8. That looks amazing. There's nothing better than a healthy meal that's also tasty. Thanks!

  9. Frank's Hot Sauce is used a ton around here, I bet this recipe would be a hit!

  10. I can't do buffalo sauce. Its too vinegary for me. They always look delicious though.

  11. This looks like a fantastic lunch. I love making wraps for a great meal. I will have to try this recipe. I love Franks Red Hot Sauce.

  12. I love buffalo chicken recipes (not just wraps.) This is perfect for lunch!

  13. We LOVE buffalo chicken! This would be a perfect lunch idea to tuck into my husband's lunch box for work!

  14. I love the Flat Out bread and the Buffalo sauce! Buffalo chicken wraps are my favorite for lunch.

  15. This sounds delicious! I know my hubby and I would enjoy these for sure. Buffalo chicken yum!

  16. YUM! I could totally go for some buffalo chicken wraps right about now. I love buffalo chicken. Chrystal @ YUM eating

  17. My hubby and second oldest love wraps. They'd definitely love a buffalo chicken wrap!

  18. I bet that was delicious. The recipe looks simple enough

  19. Love warps. Always looking for new ideas.