Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Weight Gain stinks.

So today has been a week since I started my no soda challenge and it has also been a week since I weighed in. I figure if I keep my weigh ins to the same schedule, I will get more accurate results. It's hard only weighing yourself once a week, that in itself is a challenge for me. Especially with the scale sitting in my bathroom just lurking at me. However, the reminder sticker "Every day is a new day" is really helping me out. I'm glad I put it there and I'm happy to be reminded it is a new day, and well in my case a new week!

I gained 3 lbs in a week, instead of losing them. That could be because I've actually been eating more than once a day, and eating substantially. I know it could also be because of the change in my diet. I know I'm eating a lot more fruit and veggies and trail mix too. It's been delicious and has kept me energized in a way soda never did, same for coffee. I actually feel like I can get stuff done around the house. Now if I could just use some of that energy to put towards my homework, I would be able to complete some of my educational goals this year.

So today I weighed in at 219 pounds from the 216 I weighed on the 1st. It's not really great, but it's not too awful either. I've been stuck around this weight since before the holidays. I'm sure that I can drop it back off and simply be the person I know I am. A healthy, young, beautiful woman.

I don't plan to give up, even this little bump in the road won't detour me from my route of success.

I believe in myself, and I believe in all of you. We can do it!

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