Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 3/30 No Soda.

Here it is at day 3 of no soda, and I'm feeling alright again. I did very well today too. My Mom, Grandma and I went to play bingo and instead of getting a soda, I went for the pink lemonade and the tea. I did good at defying the temptation and I'm proud of myself. It seems to be getting a little easier, but I know come around day four or five things may get worse. I'm going to really be craving the sugar I want. Especially since most the stuff I'm drinking is completely caffeine free expect for the occasional cup of coffee.

I will tell you this, giving up soda has been a lot easier this time around. Maybe it is because I know I want to do it, and it was a choice. Last time I gave up soda it was because my doctor suggested it. This time it's because I want to, and nknow that it will help me feel better. Now if I could just find some more tasty drink choices. I was thinking of trying to make some infused waters. I've heard that they are great for you and make water taste better. Less bland mostly. Maybe I'll try  looking up some new recipes to try out too. I've been finding a lot of tasty recipes to try on #Pinterest lately. Perhaps I'll share some of those with you tomorrow.

Have any of you tried infused waters?

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